Monday, August 07, 2006

Marloes Sands

can you keep a secret!?
these beaches are spectacular and very quiet...

we had a lovely little holiday ...the kids caught some crabs,fish,shrimps and jellyfish!
while i tried to catch the light...

both oil on board 6x8" and 5x12" just under an hour each..
would like to go back in a serious mood,when the weather is bad!


Lesley said...

Great paintings!!! You've really captured Marloes. It's really beautiful there, isn't it. It was very quiet when we went too and I'm pretty sure we sat by those rocks to eat our lunch. I know exactly what you mean about going back when it's wild. I love the waves crashing in and against the cliffs.

You manage to do a whole painting in the time it takes me to do a couple of sketches! I've never taken my acrylics out with me. I'm scared of ruining my brushes but I would love to acomplish a painting on the spot. I'm sure it makes for better work.

rob ijbema said...

hi Lesley,yes it's amazing there...
well,it took me 3 years to get this far...and i still got a while to go!

acrylics are great for plein air
that's how i started...on my demo you can see,you have to concentrate on the big masses,not detail!

working on the spot is always better than photo' can see the real colors