Friday, August 11, 2006

apple tree (four seasons)

didn't realize it....
but painted this apple tree, allready twice in different seasons,
so after this summer edition,only autumn to go...for a full vivaldi!

summer with willow herb,oil on 9x12" canvas

spring with blossom,oil on panel 9x12"

winter with frost,oil on canvas 9x12"


Virginia Wieringa said...

What lovely work! I can almost hear the string orchestra. What fun that it surprised you and wasn't an intentional series.

Your colors and work are really lovely. Purple is a constant, I see.

rob ijbema said...

hi Virginia,
nice to hear from you again,

if it was intentional,i wouldn't have got this far! lol!

funny you should mention the purple...i want to use less of it,
it's like my grey...if in doubt,use purple...
i hope this is apparent in the summer version,wich has more cooler

Hunter, Wayne, SJ & 阿耀 said...

i love these paintings.. i can feel your joy that this was such a coincidence, like deja vu, looking forward to the next, autumn always my favorite, though i live in tropical area, cheers!

rob ijbema said...

thanks for popping in and taking the time to comment Wayne,
lots of appels this year,but the leaves haven't turned yet,have to be patience.
maybe it is not such a coincidence,
i like to paint the same scene under different circumstances...