Thursday, July 27, 2006

life's a beach

went to the coast with the family to escape the recent heat wave...
watched the people having fun on the water,while i had to work ;-D
we could drive our camper right onto the beach...took lots of sand back home!

beach fun and silver dunes ,both oil on 8x10"panel


Pilan said...

Hello, glad you have a blog on your paintings. Just wanted to say I really enjoy looking at your paintings. I look forward to coming back here and seeing your on WC.


rob ijbema said...

well,thanks pilan,thanks for taking the trouble,the feeling is mutual!

Lesley said...

Hi Rob, Your paintings conjure up memories of lazy, hazy summer beach days for me. Very nice! Where abouts did you go?

rob ijbema said...

we went to Borth,just above aberistwith,the place itself,as the name suggest,is quite boring..
but move up and there are some lovely beaches,with dunes looking like the dutch coast.
geuss where we are going tomorrow,
hope i can paint a couple,not easy with two kids!

uderhood said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

rob ijbema said...

glad it is of use to you
cheers uderhood!