Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall by the Wyeside

oil on panel 8x10"
i know,i know,
it's been tooo long.....a month without a plein air,eek!
so to make it up to you,some fireworks from the car park!
did this scene last spring as well see here

it was a bit of a squeeze,
nice how you can see the scene reflected in the cars


Keith Tilley said...

Nice to see the usual wonderful work.
I like the way that the church spire in the background gives the painting a sense of place.

Anonymous said...

beautifully instinctive rob, and wonderful handling of light. r.

Art with Liz said...

Simply beautiful Rob - and nice to see your work again! Spring and Autumn are the two seasons that we don't seem to have here - we go straight from Winter into Summer and back again with a few cold days in between. So seeing these stunning Autumn colours is such a bonus!

Diana Marshall said...

You are brave painting between the cars, but the painting result certainly made it worth it.

Celeste Bergin said...

Well, you've been away, but you have not lost your touch. Really nice..I love the fresh fresh yellows.

rob ijbema said...

that church was essential keith,well to me anyway,thanks for the kind words

rob ijbema said...

instinctive,i like that rahina,cheers!

rob ijbema said...

oh what a shame liz
i find fall and spring so exciting
so much to paint in such a short time
still,i'm sure zuid afrika has its advantages

rob ijbema said...

brave or stupid diana?
especially the way i sling on the paint

rob ijbema said...

thank you celeste
this was done in 40 mins without thinking...wich helps!

Mick Carney said...

Yes, you have been missing for too long. Nice return, jumps off the canvas but my are you a danger to local motorists. What sort of public response do you get when you choose a spot like this?

rob ijbema said...

people moving their car!!

thanks mick

Christopher O'Handley said...

Hi Rob,

Haven't stopped by in a while but glad I did. Very cool painting. Great contrast, the fall colors really pop against the purplish gray background. You've got some other really nice work here, I love the light in "Rugby Practice" and "Tour de France 2009". Keep up the good work!


rob ijbema said...

thank you chris
greys are always good to pop colors
hope to be out there again soon,before all those colors go

Sheila Vaughan said...

Nice balance of yellows and mauves Rob - and touches of orange to liven it and finish it off.

rob ijbema said...

you got it sheila
those orage dabs came last and made it come alive!
cheers mate

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Rob!...thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment...I much appreciate it! Glad that I don't have any need to paint amongst cars in my part of the world...BUT...have had tight quarters many times when I go down into Toronto to paint.

Wyevale...interesting! The Wye River passes through the nearby countryside...and the small villages of Wyvale and Wyebridge very close by to Hillsdale! What a small circle is Humanity in today's world!

Love your work...very honest...and painterly!Cheers

Am now a follower!

rob ijbema said...

my pleasure bruce
yes its a small world
and it is great to share through this world wide web

Linny D. Vine said...

Gorgeous light in this one, Rob!

rob ijbema said...

thank you linny
light is so exciting to capture,when it works!

FCP said...

A lovely riot of color--thanks for sharing,

rob ijbema said...

my pleasure faye

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love how you squeezed in there, Rob. That's a beautiful painting.

rob ijbema said...

thank you mary
that was the best angle...
and i didn't want to take up an empty parking space

Victor Errington said...

Hi Rob.
Lovely painting Rob. I also like
seeing the church in the background. But tell me Rob, how
on earth can you work like that?
Also, what type of palette Box have
you got there and where can you purchase one? All the best Rob.

rob ijbema said...

the box was made by a good friend in holland,victor.
you can get boxes like that in the US too,bit pricey though,a cheaper alternative is