Monday, October 27, 2008


oil on canvas 8x11"

Did you know Wales has its own language?
no prices for guessing the meaning of garagi
such a lovely autumn day...had to get out there.


Cooper Dragonette said...

Rob Looks like you've been busy out in the field! Great work today as well as recent posts!

René PleinAir. said...

Indeed Cooper, he's back one track!!

How is the Mp3 player work Rob?!

rob ijbema said...

yes i'm trying hard,just like you cooper!

rob ijbema said...

rene,the kids broke the new ones
just before this painting,
then run out of batery,
aargh! still didn't smoke!

René PleinAir. said...

I reckon you smoked when they broke it, out of your ears. ;-P

!$#%@!$@%#!$#@!@% Stelletje !#@!!$@!$@ lol

Ann Reyes said...

A great painting, Rob! I love the fall colors and your painterly brush strokes.

rob ijbema said...

just about rene

rob ijbema said...

thanks ann
that sums it up nicely!