Friday, November 16, 2007

Dutch Fall

I told Rene,i wanted to paint a little Dutch polder road with knotted willows and a bike.
Good luck mate,he said and laughed,with plein air you can't simply choose,you have to take things as they come...but hey! here we are...

knotted willows in the polder 8x10"

Rene brought along lots of art books,to read in the evenings,one off them was an amazing book of Edward Seago's work,man he is good.Now i don't pretend to come anywhere near his skills but one thing that rubbed off,was the little gates he puts in his landscapes...

Seago's gate 5x8"


Sheila Vaughan said...

Rob, I really like the mistiness of these paintings. Yes, it is very Dutch, that flat landscape and big skies. I love it. I really admire you guys who go out and paint in all weathers. I am afraid these days I work from memory, photos, sketches, but I find it is often difficult to capture the "immediacy" of the scene as you all do.

rob ijbema said...

hi sheila,the different kinds of weather is what it makes it so interesting,and yes you don't get the subtleties in the studio.
but it looks like you are doing ok yourself,lots of character in your work!

Ozcloggie said...

Greetings from Sydney, by Gouda-born, Ozcloggie, Jo Mulholland (was Joop Mul).
I'm exploring the StumbleUpon website, for the first time and you're one of my first finds. Like your style!


rob ijbema said...

hey joop
my first little friend in amsterdam when i was 6 was called jopie,it is a small world indeed!
and now we all talk english.
sorry i replied so late