Friday, November 30, 2007

another miserable rainy day

another miserable rainy day,here in Wales.but those headlights reflecting from the wet road,never fail to brighten my day.oil on panel 5x8"


Sally said...

oh my goodness, you can make a miserable rainy day into a thing of beauty!! Love your handling of this Rob.

rob ijbema said...

thanks sally,it was worth getting wet for...hang on,i must have done something wrong,it was supposed to look miserable not beautiful

moff said...

hey rob, love your last two pix. and looks like you had a good trip to a'dam. tell mandy that the honey we had in our cups of tea the other day was tarragon honey, and there's still some going cheap in van's. shouldn't be using your web page to send trivial personal messages, but you know something.... i don't care. see you soon man, moff.

rob ijbema said...

thanks moff,
how can you say honey is not important?

Sheila Vaughan said...

A few weeks ago I was involved taking students on an outdoor event around Llanberis and after the big abseil we had to wait in the rain for the coach. I am not kidding you it looked exactly like this.
Anyway, the other bad news is you have been TAGGED. I was "tagged" by Peter Yesis and was asked to tag 5 others and you are one of them. If you want to play then we need 5 facts about yourself and you must name 5 other bloggers whose work you admire. You also have to leave a comment on their blogs to say they have been tagged. See my last blog entry for details. Smile.

René PleinAir. said...

Sorry Rob, your not only had a miserable rainy day.

I am going to tag you as well!!


rob ijbema said...

i'm not surprised it looked
exactly the same,we've got plenty of dark grey days.

rob ijbema said...

well that makes my day complete,thanks mate
but you know i prefer hide and seek!