Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little camping trip

Went on a little camping trip with some friends,the weather was on and off but the kids had a great time playing in the river...this was the first evening,drizzle and slightly misty

This is an old railway arch,a reminder of the coal industrie they used to have here in Wales,it stood there like and old Roman ruin...both paintings oil on panel 6x8"


Lori said...

I like them both, that top one looks like a rainy day. You got the feeling perfect.

rob ijbema said...

haha,i'm getting quite good at rainy days,this summer has been absolutelly hopeless,more rain than anything else!
cheers Lori!

Typh said...

wonderful blue!
Coolness and immediate,
as always, thanks rob!

rob ijbema said...

thank you!
for taking the time typh.
glad you like it...