Tuesday, July 31, 2007

road to Llandod

we've had 3 days of sun...almost feels like summer!
this is the road to Llandrindod Wells,
painted this many times but never in the summer with the willow herb out in full force.

oil on panel 9x7"


Sally said...

nice little painting Rob..very hopeful....do you really have scenery that perfect in wales ???it reminds me of the yellow brick road or something

Typh said...

Graceful really, Bob! You would have to come here in Italy. In Liguria to paint. Sea and hills and vegetation and much sun!!!

rob ijbema said...

yes sally,a lot of Wales is picture perfect,not many people nor cars,like 50 years ago!

rob ijbema said...

are you inviting me typh? hehe..
seriously i would love to go back to Italia,one of my favourite countries,was there in '87 and '88
traveling through to the Grand Prix of Monaco
thanks for popping in typh,ciao!

René said...

Aaah an other marble of

"The wizard of Wales"

with his magic wands.

You live in a fairytale Rob!

rob ijbema said...

maybe you mean my magic brushes

rob ijbema said...


René said...

yeah yeah, you Harry, **** :-P

rob ijbema said...


trudette said...

Beautiful painting,great use of color.

rob ijbema said...

thank you very much trudette.
love your peaceful work!