Friday, June 29, 2007

willow herb is back

finally a break in the weather and slashes of magenta are appearing all over the landscape,
love this stuff, willow herb will stay for two whole months!

oil on panel 9x12"

set up and block in.


René said...

Wow isn't that looking lovely,

nice weather, willows herbs everywhere, a nice setup and if I am not mistaken the same road where you once painted "Lekker fietsen."

Now Rob, .... "Lekker schilderen!"

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This must be incredibly beautiful. You are capturing it in such a soft, lovely way for when it is no longer.
Thanks for showing the view.

rob ijbema said...

you are right on all accounts rene!
especially the set up...

rob ijbema said...

hi robin,the willow herb is a nice addition of color,in the summer months,thanks for popping in

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely painting, Rob... a very inviting scene.

rob ijbema said...

if it is inviting,i did something right,thanks diana!

nice car on your avitar.