Saturday, June 16, 2007

water hole

oil on panel 9x12"

i'm beginning to appreciate painting landscapes in the studio more and more,
at first i thought,what is the point!
i can better express's more about the painting,
nature is so big,it still does me head in!


Wayne Gaudon said...

Nature is a learning ground. IE.. distance and color relations. Studio is a place for controlled thought and expression. There is plenty of room for both.


This is nice Rob.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

You painted this in the studio? It is great how the light spills around the sheep. Bravo!

rob ijbema said...

plein air is a means to an end,
but it means a lot!
thanks Wayne

rob ijbema said...

yes Stefan,
but could not have done it like this,without a few years of outside experience...but you know that...

Michael Pieczonka said...

Rob... really like the loseness of the brushwork in this one. Great job with the lambs too.. I always chicken out when it comes to putting something like them into a piece, but you've done a cracking job.. and they make the piece IMHO.


rob ijbema said...

i always chicken too Michael but sheep are so easy!besides you can't avoid them here in Wales and yes they really help the painting.
glad you like it,thanks!!