Wednesday, January 17, 2007

driving home.

Sad isn't it,now i'm even painting dark scenes in the studio
oil on 12x10" canvas


René said...

You can say anything you want, but this is a nice one! It's a great composition, sort of turn inside out, you start to look at the car and then out of the painting, ... funny.

cheer up Rob, na regen komt, .....
nóg meer regen!! :-P

rob ijbema said...

ja en nog meer wind!
doesn't matter,the kids are off school sick,i'm feeling under the weather myself,powercuts,aaargh!
things could be worse!

H Malott said...

I like this Rob! I feel like I am right there, I can smell the damp air!! I hope you are all feeling better!

rob ijbema said...

thanks h,yes everyone is well
we even had some sun!

i really like where you are going with your latest street scenes

Lori said...

Hi Rob, I hope all is well, I love the painting. Its a lovely composition and I don't think its too dark either.

rob ijbema said...

Lori!what a nice surprise.
no,i don't think the painting is too dark,i was simply commenting on the fact i was painting a dark day ,while i had the choice of basking in sunshine.
hope all is well with you too,
i can see from your blog,you are very busy!