Wednesday, November 08, 2006

foggy all day

this was a special day,all day,the fogg lingered on and on,when i was nearly done it lifted for an hour or so...than it came back to stay.

the horse looks quite pleased with it!

oil on 5x8" panel


René said...

You lucky ***,
Here it was after 30-45 minutes or so and the scene was soo different and NOT pretty that i packed my stuff up. When i was by my bike the whole thing became foggy again, .... #@$#@!$@## >:-(

I like this one Rob, the one thing i miss is a little more contrast in front, .... paletmes!!! ;-)

rob ijbema said...

hope you have more luck today Rene

bummer init this weather,i had to paint quickly before the mist lifted and the scene became pretty!

i put a bit more contrast in,in the sudio,this morning,didn't improve on it day i will get that knive out...

i left some comments on your blog,
but they don't show you need to aprove?

i only have word verification...other wise i get hassled by Russian brides!hehehe

Daniel Peci Fine Arts said...

you captured the mood there,great job,i really like it,no contrast needed !

rob ijbema said...

thank you so much for your praise,Daniel
but i have to agree with Rene...

Lesley said...

Heh hehe hehee!! Love that pic of the horse being inquisitive!

rob ijbema said...

hi Lesley,
yes he wasn't sure what was going on at all...after seeing the painting he calmed down..