Wednesday, October 04, 2006

goodbye garden

painted this for a friend who's moving house,a sweet little memory of the garden..happy enough with it,but a bit disappointed that i managed to put the greenhouse smack in the middle could have easily moved it a bit right! oil on 8x12" panel



Compostion here looks just right to me, because the bright green path of light takes your eye across the picture and then the greenhouse draws you back. Sometimes the established rules have to be broken or it would all get too predictable. Well done.

rob ijbema said...

thanks Andrew,
yes every body told me the same and they are all right!!
but i still think the painting would have been a bit more interesting if i had moved the greenhouse a bit to the right,


As the painter, you know what pleases you best. Mooi!

Lesley said...

The title is very sad. However if they are looking for somewhere to do some gardening they are welcome to come here. Ours looks like a jungle.

I don't think the composition is too bad but I can see your point. I did exactly the same with a commission I did a while back. I put a hill right in the middle instead of using artistic licence. It was much more noticeable than in your painting. I ended up starting again and felt much happier. I bet they are very happy with their painting in any case.

rob ijbema said...

yes very pleased Lesley.
our garden is a mess too
i can paint them
but gardening!
same with cars,if i touch them i hurt