Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Epilobium Augustifolium

pardon my latin...rose bay,willow herb for you and me...
looks like the summer is over allready,here.
began to rain when i started this one,pushed thru and it cleared

oil on 8x10 panel

when painting the second one i got a bit of a treat, lovely yellow clouds. walked home in the dark and rain...still glowing

oil on canvas 8x12"


René said...

Now i know why you use so much pink!! the whole country, maybe the whole island is pink i reckon.

Man are this nice ones!

Keep up posting them!

rob ijbema said...

hallo Rene
yes and there's more to come
soon all the heather will be pink!!
just at the time when i want to use more cool colors,guess i'll have to wait till

Lesley said...

Beautiful!! I really love the top one. The colours are gorgeous.

Who knows where summer has gone? Come back sun!!

rob ijbema said...

hey Lesley!
yes we're supposed to be off to the coast again,St.Davids (seems we're following you around!)
oh well,maybe some rough sea
hope you post some new work soon!!

Lesley said...

Have a lovely time! Hope you get some painting in :-)

rob ijbema said...

thanks Lesley!
you can see the result soon